Alpha Brain – A Complete Balanced Nootropic for Mental Drive

Alpha Brain is easily one of the more popular brands of pre-formulated cognitive enhancement stacks available today. It is also one of the top selling nootropic stacks in the market today. The popularity of Alpha Brain however, can be attributed in part to its sound internet marketing strategy, which involves eye catching visuals and graphics, […]

Phenotropil Review: A Better Cognitive Enhancer

Phenotropil is one of the brand names under which the nootropic drug, phenylpiracetam is sold. Phenotropil is estimated to be approximately 30 to 60 times more potent than piracetam. It is also one of the more popular racetams used not only for cognitive enhancement, but to improve physical performance as well. Competitive athletes and fitness […]

Noticeable Effects of Adrafinil

Adrafinil is a drug with mild stimulant effects used to treat and/or manage mental sluggishness, fatigue, and sleepiness. The drug is also observed to increase an individual’s alertness and ability to focus, which is why it is also being studied for its potential as a cure for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity […]

The Last Longer Nootropic Effects of Sunifiram

Having been developed only in the early 2000s, sunifiram is easily one of the more recent drugs to be introduced into the nootropic line of supplements. One of the main reasons why sunifiram caught the attention of the community of nootropic users is that, initial studies indicate that its potency is estimated to be up […]

Noopept: A Strong Cholinergic Nootropic for Acetylcholine Receptors

Noopept is a improved and reliable cholinergic nootropic. It is similar to piracetam and the racetam family but is actually a nootropic dipeptide. Its structure makes it able to be absorbed in the gut unlike nootropic peptides like cerebrolysin that need to be taken intravenously. Over the years noopept has become one of the most […]