Know Your Essential Brain Nutrients: Choline Comparisons

If you are planning to supplement with nootropics as brain nutrients, especially cholinergics such as the racetam family, you should be on good terms with choline. What is choline? What types of choline sources are available and what are the differences between the different forms of choline are the questions we will attempt to answer […]

Uridine – An Essential Nootropic with Immense Benefits

Uridine is a type of nucleoside and along with adrenosine, guanine, and cytidine, is one of the four basic components of ribonucleic acid (RNA). There are rich food sources of Uridine and these food sources include beer, porcine and bovine liver, fish, mushrooms, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, parsley, oats, and baker’s yeast. The cognitive processes within […]

Vinpocetine – A Potential Cure for Mental Impairment

Vinpocetine is being marketed as an all-natural nootropic with its main component being extracted from the periwinkle plant. The periwinkle plant has been used for more than a century as a tonic to ease the symptoms of a variety of conditions, including fatigue and low mental energy commonly associated with old age. It has been […]

Nootrobrain – The Nootropic Cognitive Enhancer

Nootrobrain™ is a nutritional supplement that is used as a cognitive enhancer. It functions by combining four essential ingredients at the proper dose. This combination works by elevating the level of neurotransmitters in the brain to provide benefits such as enhanced learning abilities and memory, improved sensory perception and mental clarity, enhanced moods and so […]

Are Nootropics and Smart Drugs Legal Substances?

Since nootropics and smart drugs affect the way the brain works, one of the most common questions asked about the cognitive enhancing agents is whether or not the substances are legal. Indeed, if a particular compound can cause an alteration to the cognitive processes, there are good reasons to suspect that there must be some […]