Brain AntiOxidant Stack Synergy

As counterintuitive as it may seem, one of the most vital elements to proper brain functioning is also one of the primary culprits in brain decline. Oxygen, as necessary as it is to our mental and physical functioning is also highly caustic, resulting in a condition known as oxidative stress. There are a number of […]

Fluorenol- Is it the Alternative to Modafinil?

Fluorenol belongs to a class of drugs known as Eugeroics. These are stimulants that produce long lasting mental arousal leading to wakefulness. The idea behind the production of these drugs is to enhance alertness without necessarily eliciting the peripheral body effects or better yet the abuse/tolerance/ addiction of the customary stimulants. And Fluorenol is no […]

TruBrain – An Effective Nootropic Brand

It is very rare to encounter a pre-stacked nootropic brand that can actually stand up even against close scrutiny from experienced users of cognitive enhancing agents. This is what the brand truBrain offers: a nootropic stack that is actually just that—a stack made up of different types of cognitive enhancing agents. The blend is synergistic […]

Addieup – Just Another Fake “Adderall Alternative”

Addieup is a new over-the-counter supplement that is being marketed as a supposed “all-natural” alternative to Adderall. Most, if not all of these “pseudo-Adderall” products appear to be sketchy and are obviously targeting the recreational users of Adderall. Like most other “Adderall alternative” drugs, Addieup positions itself in the market as a “brain fuel” that promotes […]

Learn About Profiderall – A Popular Psychostimulant

Profiderall is a brand of supplement that is being marketed as a cognitive enhancer. Sold as a dietary supplement, this brand claims to help in enhancing the cognitive processes of the brain like focus, memory, concentration, and overall mental performance. It is hard to miss the obvious marketing ploy for this brand as its name appears […]